About Us

Data Now is a campaign from the Data Industry Platform, an initiative from a European group of companies and associations from different industries and sectors having one common denominator: the positive use of data.

What we are fighting for

We agree it’s time to improve the existing 1995 Data Protection Directive. The goal of modernisation should be to protect people’s interests and fundamental rights while providing sufficient breathing room for innovation.

We want to make sure any new legislation doesn’t undermine Europe’s economic recovery. Reducing the differences in the ways different European countries apply data protection rules will help keep Europe competitive. But there is more to be done. So we are urging policymakers to include several important considerations into the new framework.

The Data Industry Platform is a project hosted by FEDMA, the European Federation of Data-Driven Marketing. For more information about it, please contact us at
Press Contact
Sébastien Houzé